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Scary Food : God get us Glyphosate as part of our daily bread !

Scary Food :

God get us Glyphosate as part of our daily EU bread.

Crops and cancer: Should the EU ban the world's most popular weed killer? Originally used to descale pipes, the world's most popular weed killer is now said to be part of our daily bread... Its’ residue is part of our environment and increasingly also in our bodies... Glyphosate is dividing scientists across the globe. 



Some, including experts at the World Health Organization (WHO), fear that it could be carcinogenic, but the European Food Safety Authority insists it is safe. The current licence for the use of this pesticide is about to expire and MEPs say it's time to stop using it altogether. 

So, how should we view glyphosate: Is it a useful weed killer that help our crops grow and flourish or is it in fact a very dangerous carcinogen? And what about the other herbicides and pesticides we regularly use? 

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